Living in London – Pros and Cons

No matter whether you have just arrived in the capital or you have spent all your life here, you already should know that life in the Big Smoke comes with a lot of benefits, as well as a few challenges that everyone should know about. So, let’s not beat around the bush anymore and move on to the pros and cons of being a resident of one of the biggest and greatest cities in the world – London!

The sunny side

One of the first things that come to mind when we hear the name of London is history. The city has been around for more than two thousand years and it has more history and culture than most places on the planet. This is one of the best things about London because here you will not be bored for even a second. Every free hour that you have here can be filled with:

  • Museums;
  • Theatres;
  • Operas;
  • Walking and sightseeing;

Of course, the metropolis is a very multi-cultural place with dozens of well-established communities. The overall spirit of the capital is defined by the many different cultures that co-exist on its territory, which is considered to be a big plus. It can be felt in the many great markets, festivals and other venues and events that are to be found all over Greater London.

In addition to culture, London offers great opportunities for education and career advancement. The English capital has one of the strongest economies in the world and it comes as no surprise that if you want to work with the world’s top pros (regardless of the field of your work), that usually means that you need to move to London. Some of the best universities in the country are located here too.

Last, but not least, when talking about the benefits of living in a huge metropolis such as London, we should not forget to mention the vast availability of all sorts of professional grade services to which you will not have access if you live in a smaller settlement. Have a craving for Chinese food at 3 am? No problem, there are plenty of places from which you can order a delicious meal. Need a good hospital? You will find it in London. Professional grade, reliable removal services in London, on top of many others, are just a phone call away.

As for the cons

Despite the many good reasons to vote London the best place in the UK to live in, there are several negative sides to the story as well. For example, traffic in London is terrible most of the time, in most places.

Even though there are many career opportunities in all fields here, the competition is much fiercer, which increases your chances of failure as well.

Property and rent prices in the English capital are notoriously high and even though you will be earning more money here, you will not manage to save that much. All those are factors to consider well before you decide whether or not you should move to London and spend your life here.

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