Turn your Move into a Vacation

We have all heard cliched sayings according to which moving is always stressful and that it is an experience which will wear you out even before you get to the packing stage. There is some truth in that but this does not necessarily mean that your relocation will be a challenging one. In fact, why don’t you treat your move as a vacation? That will enable you to:

  • Pack quickly and with a big smile on your face;

  • Prepare and plan every detail of the relocation properly;

  • Balance the stressful moments with fun activities;

  • Really feel like you are a on a holiday;

No, we are not exaggerating because, if you think about it, preparing for a move and for a holiday have a few common denominators.


To land the best hotel and flight deals, one needs to plan and book their vacation in advance. If you have ever tried to organise a trip in the last minute, you probably know how stressful that can be. The same also goes when it comes to planning a relocation. Be an early bird and start looking for budget-friendly home removal services in London as soon as you decide to move. Just like you browse the web for travel tips, search for some moving and packing hacks.


How do you feel when you are packing for a vacation? Happy, enthusiastic, carefree… Well, you may not be heading to the Maldives but this does not mean that you shouldn’t turn up the music, pour yourself some wine and keep your spirits high when packing your items. Do that in the right mood and it will not feel like a burden.

Have some fun

Preparing for a vacation or a relocation can be equally tiring and demanding. The difference is that when you are getting ready to go on a holiday, you know that at one point all the stress that comes with the planning process will be replaced by a nice hotel view, wonderful memories and the chance to relax and completely let go of your everyday problems. As we all know, however, that does not happen when you are prepping to move home. You spend weeks planning and running around like a lunatic and in the end, you get no reward. Even if you move to the house of your dreams, you will still feel anxious since you will have to get used to your surroundings, your new commute routine and etc. But what if you reward yourself after every day you spend packing? Make it a rule that you will go to the cinema or just binge-watch on your favourite TV show after every stressful pre-relocation day. In that way, you will keep yourself motivated and energised throughout the entire moving ordeal.

Explore a new place

When on vacation, people explore a new and exciting place. You can do the same with your new neighbourhood. Go and visit the local restaurants, museums and attractions. Find the beauty in it so that you can look forward to your upcoming relocation and your new life.

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