Tips for Moving Bulky Furniture and Appliances

One of the biggest challenges when you are moving homes is the transportation of bulky items of furniture and kitchen appliances. The trick is not only to get them delivered to your new address but also to conduct the task in such a manner as to guarantee that the items in question arrive without any damage so that you can continue enjoying using them. Here are several strategies for the packing and transportation of bulky pieces of furniture that will prove invaluable when you are planning your next domestic relocation.

Dismantle and pack carefully

Put apart those pieces that allow it in order to make their transportation easier. This will achieve the following:

  • The goods will become lighter to carry
  • They will fit easier in the van
  • Damage to the goods and injuries to the people handling them will be prevented

It will be a good idea to follow the instructions left by the manufacturer so that you are certain that the task is completed in a proper way. Purchasing boxes and industrial grade bubble wrap to secure the items during transportation will add the finishing touches to the hiccup-free transportation of your bulky pieces of furniture and kitchen appliances.

Look for specialised services

The removal of bulky, odd furniture and appliances is best done by professional movers who are not only certified but also trained and equipped for such a line of work. A licensed man and van firm should be more than capable to carry out the task you are concerning yourself with. Look for a dependable small removal service in London, and more specifically the borough and district that you are based in, and you should be able to find a solution to all your problems. Hiring professionals saves time, energy and money in such cases, so it is an option well worth considering.

Inspect the premises in advance

When attempting to move bulky objects that are complex to handle and transport, you should make sure that there are no obstacles on your way from your property to the moving van. Otherwise, you risk not only the failure of the whole task but also serious health hazards. Inspect the hallways and staircases you will be moving through and proceed with the relocation only after you are a hundred percent certain that they are clear. Remember that your movers may refuse to carry out the job if they decide that the premises are not safe for work.

Ask for help from friends and family

One should not be ashamed to ask the people closest to them for help when they need it. Ask around your friends’ pool and family members if they are ready to give you a hand with dismantling and moving your furniture and appliances. Sometimes having someone who can lend you the tools you need can also be of immense assistance. Just remember that you cannot expect help if you do not ask for it.

Don’t forget to use specialised moving equipment such as dollies, lifting straps and belts. In that way, you will be less likely to get injured when handling one of your bulky possessions.

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