Best Ways to Save Money When Hiring Movers

It is no secret that moving can be expensive. Even though you will not be able to save money on some things, there are a few ways to cut back when it comes to hiring movers. It is up to you to choose a cost-efficient solution that will help you stay within your moving budget – moving by yourself or hiring a reputable moving company in London. The cost depends on the distance, how many items you are moving, how much time is left, etc. We bring you a few useful tips that will help you reduce expenses when hiring a company for your upcoming removal.

The less weight, the less cost

If you reduce the number of items you will move, it will cost you less. Therefore, before you start packing, make sure you clear any items you don’t want anymore. Relocating items you don’t need or are broken has no sense. Not only you will cut down moving costs by reducing your belongings, but you can also make money by holding a garage sale or selling some stuff online. Donate stuff you can’t sell to charity. To get rid of things that are undonatable or unsellable rely on organised rubbish collection and disposal services in London and you will do the environment a favour.

Avoid peak season

Most people decide to move during the summer for several reasons:

  • Kids are on a school break
  • The weather is ideal
  • It is easier to sell your house

Despite the obvious benefits, this results in having a hard time finding the best movers for a reasonable price. If you have the flexibility, make sure you avoid June or July. You will save some money and be able to choose among the best movers.

Avoid last-minute booking

If you book last minute, it is more likely you will be charged a higher rate. Therefore, if you have time, make sure you find a company that will work for you and schedule your removal few weeks before a moving date.

Find as much information as possible

You will avoid unpleasant surprises if you learn in advance what your costs will be. Therefore, make sure to ask your mover everything about services you will use, insurance options, potential additional fees and charges on additional services like shuttle service, flight charge, long-haul charges, and other. This way you will not experience surprise in the total cost of your move.

Don’t forget special or bulky items

If you have bulky, odd shaped or special items and you want to reduce your moving costs, you should think in advance. For example, moving a piano can cost you less if you hire special movers than if your moving company hired additional staff because the majority of moving firms don’t keep the movers on the payroll. Additionally, your moving company may charge extra for packing and handling appliances. Reduce expenses by asking your friends or neighbours to help you.

Have everything packed and ready when movers arrive

In order to avoid extra charges, make sure you are all packed up when they appear at your door. If they have to help pack last minute items or help disassemble some furniture, this service might show up on your bill as an extra fee, if the service is not included in the final cost.

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