Yes, You Can – Decorating a New Home from Scratch

Moving into a home that is already decorated and furnished offers a great convenience and it certainly saves time and money. For one, you will not need to search for efficient furniture removal services in London. Still, there is something wonderful about an undecorated and non-furnished house. It is like a blank canvas on which you can paint your own story. It gives you the opportunity to craft the appearance of every part of your home and to make it feel special. After all, it is true what they say – that your home is your castle and your sanctuary.

For many people, however, decorating a house or even a small flat from scratch is a bit overwhelming. But, contrary to the popular belief, you do not need a degree in interior design or the professional assistance of an experienced decorator to handle such a job. You just need to rely on your senses and to figure out your décor likes and dislikes in terms of:

  • General décor styles
  • Colours
  • Furniture
  • Functionality

Find what interior design style you like the most

A great place to start when you want to decorate an empty home is by deciding on what design style you appreciate the most. It does not have to be something specific such as Greek revival, for instance. Be more generic. Modern or traditional? Minimalist or over-the-top? Urban or country style? Pick one or the other. Search the web or read a few décor magazines for some inspiration.

Don’t forget to use the power of paint

The quickest and most effective way to establish a certain mood in a room is by adding some colour to it. If your new home seems a bit too bland and sterile-looking for your taste, paint the walls in some of your rooms to invite the much-needed transformation.

Decorate room by room

Trying to decorate all the rooms in your property at the same time is not a very healthy thing to do. Even professional interior designers try to avoid this technique. Instead, plan the look of your home room by room. Also, remember that you do not need to use the same décor style in all your rooms. You can have a mixture of decors in your property as long as you have a transitional room or an element that connects them.

Have a focal point

If neither of the above-mentioned tips managed to make your creative juices flow, go furniture shopping. For example, if you have no idea how to decorate your dining room, go and buy the most important part of it – a dining table. Once you have the table, you can continue decorating the rest of the space around this focal point.

You don’t need to finish everything now

Think of your home as a work in progress. You do not need to decorate every inch of it shortly after you move into it. Take your time. Just start with getting the necessities done such as a buying a bed for your bedroom, a table for your kitchen, etc. Our advice is to have your living room and dining area fully decorated first. Otherwise, you will not feel comfortable inviting people over for dinner or even or for a quick chat.

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