Move a Washing Machine – Tips, Tricks & Little Hints

The washing machine easily ranks among the heaviest domestic appliances that we use. Therefore, when the time comes to move home, the mere task of moving your washer can give you nightmares. If you don’t want to deal with the handling and transportation of such a bulky piece of equipment yourself, you can opt for a professional small removal service in London. In that way, you can let the experts move your washing machine while you handle the packing and transportation of all the other items you have.

When is it worth to move your old washing machine?

Before you start to prepare your washer for the road, think carefully about whether you really need to take it with you to your new home. If you your appliance is old and is not working properly, you may need to buy a new one. Even if you are using a newly-purchased washer you may need to come up with a Plan B in case it does not match the dimensions of your new home. But let’s say that you are determined to move your washing machine and that’s that. You need to be ready for a hefty task that will require you to arm yourself with things such as:

  • White vinegar or a cleaning agent
  • Slip joint pliers
  • A bucker and a big absorbing sponge
  • A spanner
  • Transit bolts
  • A moving trolley
  • Moving straps

Does that sound like a lot of work? It is which is why many people end up hiring professionals for this job or simply leaving their washing machine behind.

Preparing your washer for the move

Start by cleaning the machine. To do that, you can simply run the machine at an empty cycle on the highest possible temperature. It is a good idea to add some white vinegar or a cleaning agent to properly remove built-up dirt and grease because washers do get dirty too. Do that at least a day prior to the move. In that way, the appliance will have enough time to fully dry before the transportation stage of your relocation process.

Use a pair of slip joint pliers to unfasten the washer’s water supply hose from the valve. We recommend that you keep a bucket and a big absorbing sponge at hand because there may be some leftover water in the hose.

If the washer was purchased by you, you probably remember that it was delivered to you with so-called transit bolts at its back. You need to remember where you put them because you will need them again. They will keep the drum and all other movable parts of the appliance in place. This is important because otherwise the machine may get easily damaged. If you can’t screw the transit bolts yourself (although you will only need a spanner) or if you cannot find them, call in a specialist.

How to move the appliances in a safe and smooth manner?

Never attempt to move a washing machine alone. Ask a friend or a neighbour to help you. Also, use a trolley so that you can easily move it from your old home to the truck and then to your next place of residence. When you load the appliance on the transit vehicle, don’t forget to stabilise it with straps.

Moving a washer requires some preparation but with a little help and a few tricks up your sleeve, you should be able to complete this task in no time.

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