4 Key Must-Knows About Small Removals

If you have ever stopped by the website of a professional moving company such as Hire Man and Van London, you have certainly noticed that these businesses have a vast arsenal of convenient moving services among which are also small removals. But do you really know what a small removal service includes and when you should opt for it rather than for an all-around domestic move, for instance? Professionals from this industry sphere have found that many of their clients have rather limited knowledge on this specialised moving solution and are always surprised when they learn that it:

  • Covers a number of other moving services
  • Can sometimes be pricier compared to a full-property removal
  • Can be as complex as a large-scale move
  • Does not include the use of only one type of moving vehicle

To determine whether quality small removals in London will be a suitable option for your unique moving needs, you will need to take into account all of the above-listed things.

There are several types of small removals

“Small removals” is a rather broad term as this type of services can be used if you need to move a couple of boxes, one furniture piece or the contents of an entire room or area in your home. To better plan the moving job at hand, most of the experienced movers out there give their customers the chance to choose between a few different types of small removal solutions which can usually be summed up in the following way – single item moves, part-loads, light haulage and store collections.

Single items moves are pretty self-explanatory – they involve the collection and transportation of just one item (typically, a bulky furniture piece, a heavy household appliance, etc.). Part-loads is when you rent not an entire moving van but only part of the space it offers – just enough to meet your small moving needs. This is a great way to slash your relocation costs but it is not always very convenient because your moving day and pickup times need to be coordinated with the moves of the company’s other clients who will rent space on that same vehicle. Light haulage is a service which is often offered to commercial customers but is sometimes available to private ones too, as long as they want to arrange the logistics and transportation of commercial goods. Store collections, on the other hand, is an excellent option for people who are planning to buy new furniture, large electronics (flat-screen TV, home theatre set-ups or water heaters) or domestic appliances but do not own a personal vehicle or the one that they have is too small to fit their new purchase.

They are not always the most affordable option

Many people decide to opt for small-scale moving services because they think that they will be much more affordable compared to standard home or office relocations. However, they are in such high demand that companies tend to charge extra for them.

They are not to be underestimated

The fewer items you have to move the easier, right? Well, that is not quite true as you will still need to find quality packing supplies, consider whether to get removals insurance, hire a moving truck, etc. So do not underestimate this task.

You still get to choose between different van options

A small removal does not mean that you only get to book the smallest moving van in the company’s fleet. If you need to move a heavyweight item, you should not hesitate to ask the movers for a larger vehicle.

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