Simple Ways to Lighten Your Load Before a Move

Whether you are moving all by yourself or working with a professional moving company, it never fails that less stuff makes the entire removal process easier and smoother. For this reason, many people believe that minimalists are the only ones who actually move without stress, complications and without breaking the bank. Following their example, we bring you a few amazing tips and tricks on how to pack and move less stuff, which might be crucial for those who move frequently. We will help you lighten your load and keep only the things that bring noticeable value to your life while letting go of everything that doesn’t. Embrace the minimalist relocation and turn your moving experience into something to look forward to.

Create a decluttering plan

Minimalism is all about letting go things that no longer serve their purpose. This is also called decluttering. You will make this time-consuming task more bearable if you complete it before you start packing. In that way, you will save precious time, energy and money. Planning ahead is the key because you have to keep two things in mind when creating your decluttering plan:

  • What types of things you are going to be getting rid of?
  • What you’re going to do with them

Whether it is about furniture, clothes, books, toys, gadgets or decorations, you need to figure out what sorts of items you’ll be disposing of and start looking into your options for how to do so. The decluttering process will take some time, depending on the size of your move, how much items you own and how long it’s been since you’ve decluttered. Nevertheless, the goal is to get rid of as much as possible, because it’s the only way to handle your minimalist move efficiently.

Piles, piles, piles

After you start decluttering, you need to sort those items into three piles: donation, recycle and trash pile. Donating belongings is a noble and the best way to get rid of items you no longer need. Schools, libraries, community centres, animal shelters and non-profit organizations will be happy to take clean items that are in a decent working condition. When it comes to recycling, batteries, electronics and appliances might be challenging. Learn more on how to recycle different materials or dispose of trash responsibly by contacting your local waste disposal centre or opting for the most efficient rubbish collection and disposal in London.

Basic decluttering rules

Saying goodbye to things you have had for a long time is perhaps the hardest part of a minimalist move. A golden rule to remember is that just because something has been in your possession for years doesn’t mean it has value. Additionally, you shouldn’t keep an item:

  • Just because you think you should
  • That causes you distress
  • You haven’t used in a year
  • You wouldn’t buy again

How to turn minimalism into more of a game and less of a chore

Set goals and stick to them. For example, get rid of a third of your clothes or fill up a large box with donations. Keep in mind that you’ll be rewarded for achieving your objective; you will have fewer things to pack, load, unpack, unload, etc. Find out just how much you can gain when you lose your stuff.

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