Moving Tips – Autumn Edition

If you have scheduled your move for the autumn, you will enjoy a more stress-free and budget-friendly relocation experience. The peak moving season is finally over which means that removal companies charge less and booking a team of licensed movers is not very difficult. What is more, temperatures are getting more bearable and even a hot autumn day cannot be compared to the scorching heat of the summer. Another advantage of moving home or relocating an office in the fall is that you can combine this process will your annual property decluttering. Some reliable moving firms will even help you with that by providing you with a time-efficient rubbish collection and disposal service in London for a competitive price.

  • The weather tends to be rather unpredictable
  • If you have children, you need to enrol them in a new school
  • You will need to do a few home maintenance tasks before you move in
  • Choosing what to wear on your moving day can be tricky

On the bright side, all these problems have an easy solution.

Be ready for everything

The thing that characterises the autumn season is its unpredictable weather. One day can be very warm and sunny but the next one you get thunderstorms and low temperatures. So, you will need to expect the unexpected. For instance, protect your items from the rain by covering your furniture with blankets and covers. Make sure you tape your moving boxes well and keep clean bin bags handy in case it starts to rain cats and dogs. Also, carry a bottle of water with you in case it gets too warm.

Start early in the day

If you plan to move in the early autumn, chances are you will experience cool mornings and warm afternoons. Therefore, start the moving process early in the morning to avoid the high temperatures.

Arrange utilities in your new home in advance

Evenings and nights can be cold in the fall. So, if you want to have a comfortable first week in your new house or flat, don’t forget to get all utilities ready prior to your relocation. In that way, when you move to your new property, you will have lighting, electricity and gas and you will be able to turn on the heater in case it is too cold.

Do some simple house maintenance tasks

Every autumn, responsible homeowners need to clean the gutters and prepare their house for the winter by draught-proofing their property, checking for roof leaks, fixing cracks in the walls, installing extra insulation or new windows, etc. It is best if you do these things before you move into your new home.

Have kids? Find them a school

If you have children who are in school age, you will need to arrange their transit to their new educational institution prior to your relocation. Remember that for your kids, this change can be big and scary. To make things easier on them either schedule your relocation in early September shortly after the start of the school year or for mid-October – during their mid-term.

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