Rent a Storage Unit with a Friend – Pro and Cons

If you want to use storage services but you cannot afford or you simply do not need to rent an entire storage unit by yourself, you can try hiring one together with a friend or a close relative of yours. Still, you need to be sure that this person is:

  • Trustworthy and responsible
  • Neat and organised
  • Financially stable
  • Considerate

Otherwise, this arrangement is not likely to work out for you and it may turn from a solution to a big problem.

It will help you save money

The most obvious advantage of renting a storage room with a friend is that you will both be able to save some money. That is especially true if you are eyeing to hire a temperature-controlled unit or an extra-large one.

There will be a lack of equality

Be mentally prepared that no matter how well you know that person or how much you trust him or her, one of you will inevitably put more items than the other in the storage. This is simply how life works. Do try to keep things balanced but also remember that there is no such thing as true equality when two people (be it lifelong friends or close siblings) are sharing the same storage room.

There may be conflicts

You two will need to decide on a lot of things before you make this commitment. For example, you need to choose who will be listed in the lease contract. Spoiler alert – get ready for a disaster if the contract contains the names of only one of you. And imagine if your friend is messy or forgets to pay their share of the rent on time. What if your mate decides to give the keys to the unit to a friend of theirs without even asking you? These are just some of the most common problems which people using shared storage get to experience. Therefore, it is probably best if you rely on such an arrangement for a short period of time.

Alternative solutions

The bottom line is that the only main benefit you will enjoy if you hire a storage unit together with someone else is lower rental prices. But if saving money is so important to you, maybe you should consider other strategies. For instance, do a major decluttering before you move anything to the storage facility. Opt for a time-efficient rubbish collection and disposal in London and may considerably reduce the number of items you need to store away. This will certainly cut down your expenses. Another thing you can do is to simply go for the smallest unit there is and to then tailor your needs to it. The most common reason why people opt for this type of services is that they have outgrown their current home. Therefore, it is worth considering upgrading to a bigger house at some point in the future. Last, but not least, if you really trust that friend of yours with whom you are willing to share a storage room, maybe you should simply ask if you can keep a few boxes or possessions in their garage for a few weeks or months. If they are so reliable, they will agree to help you out, right?

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